What exactly are Panel Window Treatments?

pleated window treatments

Let your (colorful) imagination run wild!

Panel window treatments are designed for use with a traverse rod and are opened and closed from both sides to the center, or from one side to the other. 

This type of window treatment is one of my favorite ways to add warmth, texture and personality to a room. Fabric window treatments are not only beautiful, but extremely practical and functional as well.  They provide light control and privacy, reduce echoes and noise that travels by absorbing sound. They also help insulate a space from drafts, while helping to keep a room cool during warmer months. People are often surprised by the difference the right window treatments make. They complete the look and feel of a space!

There are so many options when it comes to designing panel window treatments – it can be daunting.

Here are the basics to consider when getting started:

Fabric Choice – Your fabric should complement the rest of the space and can do so by visually resonating with other design elements in the room. It should connect with the rug and wall colors and add visual balance to the room.

Subtle patterns and interesting textures are great options. A simple fabric can be turned into something unusual and creative by adding trim. Or, make a fabulous statement by choosing a bright, bold pattern paired with the right paint color and accessories.

The Top Treatment describes how the fabric is attached to the rod, and the overall appearance of the top section.

There are various types of pleats, valences and cornices to create a finished look.  Valences and cornices often lend a more formal feeling to space.

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