Do window treatments overwhelm you?

custom window treatments

Window treatments make a world of difference in a room!

custom window treatments

Introducing layers of fabrics that match your style brightens the canvas of your room while also lending important environmental qualities like keeping in the warmth and protecting your furnishings.

Choosing the right type of treatment, along with the fabric, trim and hardware, can be intimidating. Custom window treatments are an investment – when done right, they help create a room that’s harmonious, warm and perfectly put-together. The wrong windows treatments can make the room feel haphazard, poorly designed and unfinished. Many people shy away from dealing with them, leaving windows bare, or worse, sticking with something totally wrong for their space.

And yet, window treatments seem to have a language of their own. There are so many options to choose from and a lot of variations within each style. Add to the mix the thousands of fabric options, details such as trim or cording, hardware and finials and it’s understandable that people get overwhelmed.

Shades are a popular and timeless option for windows – both Roman and woven shades – because they’re practical and versatile and because they work so well in a variety of settings, design styles and for windows of various sizes and shapes.

dining room renovation

Roman shades are fabric shades drawn up from the bottom in horizontal folds. They can be simple and minimalistic, elaborate and intricate, casual or formal.

custom window treatments

Learning the language of window styles, fabrics and trim will help you
on your way to being able to ask for what you want!

Or, you can call a Pro and let me present choices in your style and color palette
that fits your project and gives your room a new view!

Different Styles of Roman Shades

custom roman shades window treatments


Relaxed Roman Shade unlike its sibling, the Flat Roman shade, a Relaxed Roman shade has an unstructured appearance where the center of the shade cascades a little lower than the sides.

custom roman shades window treatments

Balloon Shade – is a more formal, structured option, that looks fantastic in a traditional setting. They are constructed with inverted pleats along the top of the shade that fall into soft “balloons” or scallops at the bottom.

They require a bit of fussing or straightening so you don’t want to raise and lower them frequently. Think beyond the dining room and consider them in a nursery!

custom roman shades window treatments


Plain Roman Shade – made from one piece of fabric, these are seamless and lend a clean, crisp neat look to windows. They lay flat when lowered, which makes them perfect for shallow windows.  When raised, they may need a bit of adjusting to get the folds to stack evenly, making them better options for windows that you won’t be opening and closing all day. 

custom roman shades window treatments


Hobbled Roman Shade – This type of shade is constructed so that the fabric maintains loose folds when raised and lowered, creating a soft, rippled effect.

My white glove interior design service offers custom window treatments,
so you can focus on the end product and avoid expensive mistakes!

Use the appointment button
below for an introductory call to see if we’re a fit!

 Check my Services page for more details about my process and packages!


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Debby Katz

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