How to get the most out of your Virtual Design experience

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Life is different in ways we couldn’t have imagined just one year ago. Not all of the changes have been negative. No one seems to miss commuting, and many people are embracing the new reality that home is not only where your heart is, it’s where your entire life is lived as well – we are working, playing, studying and relaxing at home. 

It makes perfect sense that people are looking to improve not only the functionality of their home, but its overall beauty as well. Now more than ever, we need to love where we live. 

The pandemic has changed the Interior Designer industry as well, with many designers offering virtual design services that are accessible, user friendly and COVID safe. Based on their initial success, virtual design services are here to stay.

Here’s how to work with an interior designer during a pandemic:

Get friendly with technology

With a smart phone, anyone can make virtual design services work for them. Weather you prefer FaceTime or Zoom, it’s easy to discuss ideas and collaborate. The ability to share screens allows people to view furniture, fabric, floor plans and elevations as well as drawings, presentations, and mood boards.

Yes, it’s easy and safe, but it’s also an extremely efficient and convenient way to get work done while eliminating travel time. Image sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram are also key ways to organize your visual preferences, while Google Drive or Dropbox make sharing documents like budgets and timetables a breeze.

Know your budget

It’s essential to know the amount you plan to invest in a design project. You might have a range rather than a fixed number but creating a design without knowing this number is like driving somewhere without road signs. It’s likely you’ll end up on the wrong path. This number is crucial to making sound design decisions and will help your designer create a plan that’s uniquely tailored for you.

Collect images and gather information

The more information you can share with your designer the better. Share photos of rooms you like or dislike, favorite colors and photos of your existing space. You can collect these on a shared Pinterest board, Google Drive or Dropbox. Think about what activities take place in the space you are looking redesign, as well as what kind of storage you might need.

Learn how to use your tape measure to measure the rooms

Measuring your space(s) accurately is the foundation of getting your design plan done right. While taking measurements is pretty straight forward, it’s useful to have a another set of hands to make sure it goes smoothly and accurately. 

Keep these measuring tips in mind:

  • Sketch out your room, labelling each wall and the direction it faces. Note door openings and windows
  • When measuring windows and doors, measure from edge of casing to edge of casing
  • Measure the ceiling height – write that number in the center of your room and circle it
  • Note the locations of all outlets and vents on the floor plan
  • Take photos of each wall from the center of each wall, and each corner
  • Get a good tape measure – one that denotes more than just inches and feet, but all the other little marks in between.
Laser Tape Measure 2-In-1 In Ft Metric And Inches With LCD Digital Display-TM-L01
fabric samples

True Color

Color on your monitor is very different from color on mine. Being mindful of these limitations, all fabric and paint color samples can be sent to you to experience in context of your space and lighting. 

We’ll both have the swatches and that will make decisions easy to make together. As a professional designer, I can expose you to ideas you may not have considered and that’s when designing really gets fun!

It can be very overwhelming to manage all of this on your own. Consider getting professional guidance
to avoid expensive mistakes and insure your newly designed space exceeds your dreams!
Use the appointment button below for an introductory call to see if we’re a fit!

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Debby Katz

Debby Katz

Debby Katz Interiors celebrates the connection between environment and well-being. Debby's design philosophy is simple - honor the identity and uniqueness of each client, focus on function to design spaces that improve the way people live in their homes and infuse each space with beauty, honing in on thoughtful details and carefully curated pieces.

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