Organize Your Kitchen Like An Interior Designer​

8 ideas to keep your kitchen beautiful and clutter free

I don’t know about your kitchen, but mine is the busiest room in the house and since the Corona Virus hit, it’s been busier than Grand Central Station.

With two adults and three teenagers home 24/7, my kitchen has been put to the test. Clutter, crumbs, paper, pens, snacks and stacks of paper seem to magically populate my island like weeds in a garden. 

Here are great solutions that will keep your kitchen neat and organized, while also making sure the items sitting out on your countertop are both pretty to look at and easy to care for.  

As a balance to all the stone, tile and stainless steel that dominates in a kitchen, consider earthy storage solutions to add warmth and texture. Your kitchen can be both beautiful and practical!

Easy and affordable, clutter-reducing solutions that will look amazing in your kitchen:

1. Keep your knives off the counter top. 

I’m not a fan of storing my knives in a knife block since they get dusty and usually not attractive. I prefer this Walnut Knifedock-Indrawer Tray from Williams Sonoma.

2. I keep a large, pretty bowl like this one from Bloomist, on my table as a catch-all for everything from mail and keys to random hair-elastics and lip balms that appear out of nowhere.

Filled with fruit (I love a monochromatic display of oranges or apples) it makes a stunning and simple centerpiece when entertaining.

3. If you use Olive oil often, consider storing it in this unusual and elegant pouring pot from Ergopottery. It’s a little piece of art on your counter!

4. Kosher salt is to me the unsung hero of my cooking repertoire. A pinch of it added to a simple green salad, when seasoning chicken or making a marinade is essential. I have it handy at all times in this olivewood salt cellar from Williams Sonoma and it happens to look great on my concrete island. 

5. If you’re short on cabinet space, these elegant and functional canisters from Food52 can elevate everyday items like beans, lentils, sugar or M+Ms to make them pretty enough to leave out.

Jonesing for a little color?

These Blue Canisters from Crate and Barrel and will store (or hide) anything while adding a pretty pop of color to your space. If you have a desk in your kitchen, they’re a great option for paper-clips, loose coins or rubber bands.

6. I rely heavily on cutting boards…my favorite is this handmade board from Heath Ceramics. I love how the wood grain adds such warmth and texture to any space.

You will use it daily when you cook, but will get miles out of it as a fantastic entertaining piece for serving cheese + crackers, bread or crudite. 

7. A little bit of whimsy makes your space personal and unique. This tiny pot from River of Ceramics is the perfect addition to your windowsill or next to your kitchen faucet and is a perfect home to a tiny plant or single stem of your favorite flower.

These solutions are fun examples of how a professional Interior Designer views the world. It’s fun, creative and practical. It meets different budgets and enhances your home’s style.

Consider hiring me when you want guidance and creative ways to express your style. Take a look at my Services page to see how we can work together!

8. Enjoy more ways to declutter by clicking on the images!

Debby Katz

Debby Katz

Debby Katz Interiors celebrates the connection between environment and well-being. Debby's design philosophy is simple - honor the identity and uniqueness of each client, focus on function to design spaces that improve the way people live in their homes and infuse each space with beauty, honing in on thoughtful details and carefully curated pieces.

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