5 Ways to Create a Soothing Bedroom Retreat

debbie katz soothing bedroom ideas

Because only you and a few others spend time there, it’s easy to put your bedroom last on your list of priorities. But the bedroom is where you start and end your day, your go-to to space to rest and rejuvenate, to connect with yourself (and maybe someone else) and is a refuge within your home that’s just yours.

During these long days of quarantine, a space of one’s own has taken on new meaning. Scientific research underscores the importance of a good night’s sleep so creating a relaxing, soothing space is a must.

5 Ways to Create a Soothing Bedroom Retreat

1. Reduce Clutter

This is first on my list because it’s virtually impossible to relax when laundry, mail, books or anything else reminding you of your to-do list interferes with your ability to relax and turn off the outside world. ONLY items that support sleep and relaxation should live in your bedroom.

  • Remove books you’re not reading to another location.
  • Unfolded laundry, clothes waiting to go to dry cleaner or that need to be mended can wait in the closet (with the door closed)
  • If you exercise in your bedroom, hide exercise gear like weights or balls in an attractive basket like this:
LINE WOOL BASKET BLUE Debby Katz Interiors
debbie katz soothing bedroom ideas
2. Pick Soothing Colors

There’s a science to the way people experience color and its effect on mood.

Soft blues and greens, warm earthy beiges and grays, and subtle uses of texture or pattern help set the stage for a good night’s sleep. Here are a few favorites:

Farrow and Ball Parma Gray
Farrow and Ball Parma Gray
benjamin moore baltic grey
Benjamin Moore Baltic Gray 1467

3. Window Treatments

They not only make a space feel warm, they insulate the room from drafts while keeping it cool in warmer weather, especially if your room is very sunny, and most importantly they keep the room dark when you need to sleep. Make sure your window treatments are lined, and if you are at all sensitive to light (sunlight or moonlight), blackout shades or lining are a must.

4. Things You Love 

Surround yourself with things you love and give you comfort.

Debbie Katz night stand

My nightstand has a few simple things that give me warm and fuzzy feelings; a bowl my daughter made years ago… simple and sweet and perfectly imperfect in a way only the art of a young child is.



She knew I loved blues and greens, so it fits in to our room’s overall aesthetic and is a great place to store hair elastics, lip balm and rings. I also keep these small figurines my parents got on their honeymoon in Mexico. As a small child I was enamored by them and their presence brings back sweet memories of my parents..

small figurines soothing bedroom ideas
5. Minimize (or eliminate) electronics

This is nothing new, but not so easy. While we don’t have a TV in our bedroom, our phones are a constant accessory. Put them in a drawer with airplane mode until morning and you will rest easier, I promise.

Debby Katz

Debby Katz

Debby Katz Interiors celebrates the connection between environment and well-being. Debby's design philosophy is simple - honor the identity and uniqueness of each client, focus on function to design spaces that improve the way people live in their homes and infuse each space with beauty, honing in on thoughtful details and carefully curated pieces.

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